At Quality Landscaping, your landscape needs always come first. Whether you are looking for soil work for a new garden bed, or would like trees to be planted, we make it our mission to provide you with superior service and quality landscaping. Serving customers throughout Minot, North Dakota, for many years, we are proud to do it all. Providing hassle-free landscaping options, our goal is to enhance the appearance of your yard and increase that value of your property, turning a vision into a reality.

Take a look at our services below and let us know how we can make your ideas come to life.

Paver Patios

– Enhance not only the way your patio looks, but your entire backyard, when you get paver patios installed by the professionals. Whether you’re looking for a traditional color or something a little more exotic, you can trust us to provide you with a durable, beautiful, and unique patio that represents your style and tastes.

sidewalks012Paver Sidewalks

– Tired of your cracked and chipped concrete sidewalk? Maybe you don’t have a sidewalk at all. We have the perfect solution for you. Installing pavers on your sidewalk, we offer a long-lasting and beautiful answer for all your sidewalk needs.

Paver Driveways

– Your home is a thing of beauty, and with as much as you have invested into it, it should be. Do not let your driveway take away from the beauty of your home. From the initial design until the last stone has been laid, we guarantee perfection and superior service.

Retaining Walls

– If you are looking for a practical and functional way to address the grade of your landscape, we suggest installing retaining walls. Keeping your soil in one place and preventing sinkholes and flooding, retaining walls are a wonderful way to reduce your lawn’s maintenance and prevent property damage to surrounding areas.


– If you live on a waterfront property, chances are you need a seawall. Protecting your land and property from erosion caused by water, seawalls are also a great way to reduce your chances of flooding. Using proper techniques, combined with years of expertise, our team can be counted on to provide you with a wall that is built to last.

sidewalks007Irrigation Systems

– While you may not think about how your grass stays green, we do. Installing top-of-the-line irrigation systems is the key to making your landscape the definition of perfection. Whether you have a problem with your existing one, or you are moving into a new development, we have all your irrigation needs handled.

Water Features

– From fountains to small ponds and even waterfalls, we suggest you consider adding a water feature to your yard. Whether you enjoy the calming benefits of hearing water trickle over rocks, or you are in love with the idea of a koi pond, installing a water feature is a sure way to make your property stand out.

Dirt Work

– Dirt matters. And this is no joke! Whether you are looking at planting a few trees, creating a new garden bed, or simply want to have sod installed, the very first thing that has to be in place is the proper soil. And at Quality Landscaping we know what’s best, installing the right dirt, depending on the requirements of your specific project.

Rock Beds

– Want one less thing to take care of this summer? Why not add a few rock beds to enhance the overall appearance of your landscape. Rock beds are not only a low-maintenance feature, they require no water and look good year-round. Available in a variety of styles and colors, we can easily make your landscape match your style.


– Maintaining the beauty of your garden is not a simple task, however, edging makes things easier. Acting as a barrier, edging is a wonderful way to enhance your already beautiful investment. Keeping the line around garden beds and other features crisp and clean, your grass stays out of your garden bed and your surrounding landscape looks neat.

Sod and Hydro Turfing

– While lush, full, green lawns are the most desirable, they are not always what you possess. But we can help! Whether you just moved and need sod, or you are looking to give your landscape a makeover, we can apply sod and hydro-turfing that will flourish in your yard’s environment, providing beautiful grass season after season.

Trees / Shrubs / Plants / Flowers

– Often viewed as a means to privacy, trees are also a great way to add drama and beauty to your landscape. From flowers to shrubs, small plants and trees, we have it all and would be happy to plant them wherever you please.

Planters and Window Wells

– Using the same methods that we apply installing retaining walls, we offer both planter and window-well designs to enhance the appearance of your home. Say goodbye to the boring store-bought products, and let us create a unique design that matches your home.


– Whether leading up to your front door or down to your garden, steps are an excellent way to ensure that your landscape stands out for all the right reasons. Making it not only easier to maneuver throughout your yard, our steps are built to last for the life of your property.

If you do not see a landscaping service that you are interested in, please contact us for further information.